Nichols, Whitt, Rhea, Conger and Miller Capture Checkers at US 36 Raceway!!!!

Nichols, Whitt, Rhea, Conger and Miller Capture Checkers at US 36 Raceway!!!!

#44M “King” PJ Conger from St Joseph, MO E-Modified Feature Winner!!!
E-Modified would roll onto the speedway first and start our action off with a bang as we would witness yet another different winner in Nextran Winners Circle. Heat race winners Nathan Asher #37 and Chance Brune #22C would take the quick lead only to see Coleman Browning and George Burnett work traffic and challenge. Brownings #21K and and Burnett’s #23B would be involved in a turn 1 and 2 skirmish with Brune sending all involved to the rear of the field on an ensuing restart. Asher would again take the front with PJ Conger and Josh Adkins #15 in chase at the halfway point of the feature. Conger would then make his move and pass Asher for the lead with Adkins following closely moving Asher to third. Conger and Adkins would race hot and heavy the remainder of the race and come to the checkers die by side. Conger would win in a photo finish by only .047 of a second over second place Adkins. With the kind of finish and racing we have come to expect on the high banks. As Conger would celebtate an exciting win in the Dolye Moore #44M, Adkins would place second with Asher third. Brune would rebound from an early race mishap to come home fourth with a fast and consistent Marshall Cramer #24C racing his way to finish fifth.

#32R “Mullett Man” Evan Rhea from Maysville, MO Puer Stock Feature Winner!!!
Thrills, spills and first time winner would be the theme of an always exciting Pure Stock Feature at US 36 Raceway. Josh Marshall #C7 would battle a heat race winner in Jake Starmer at the front of the field in the early stages with Evan Rhea #32R in the mix also. After a lap 1 catastrophy on the front straight the field would be reset and relaunch the class of competitors. Trevor Hittle #31M would flex some muscle and challege with Rhea and Stamer’s #11J duking it out. Rhea would take the lead and never look back picking up his first ever feature win on the high banks of US 36 Raceway. As Rhea would celbrate his first win in Nextran Winners Circle, his flowing mullett would dance in the breeze adding to his win excitement. Jake starmer would challenge the leader but come home second with the always fast and consistent Marshall third. Fourth would belong to Hittle who steadily finds more speed in the #31M with Mike Miller #M4 placing a solid fifth on the night minus one driver’s side door panel. Other heat race winner was Jimmie Workman #6T6 who would lead early but fade later in the feature event.

#26J “It B OK” Jace Whitt from Hamilton, MO IMCA Northern Sport Mod Feature Winner!!!
IMCA Northern Sport Mod would roar to the high banks and see a dominating night as Jace Whitt #26J win both his heat race and the feature. Whitt would be challenged early by Steven Clancy #12X but gradually pull away to a commanding lead and pick up his first win at US 36 Raceway backing up his Rookie of the Year honors from 2021. Clancy would have another solid night finishing second with other heat race winner Chris Wright #66X charging to third in a caution free feature. Fourth place would belong to our 2021 Norther Sport Mod Point Champion Adam Vrbka with Tim Eaton riding the high line to place fifth.

#63 “Goat” Mike Nichols from Harlan, IA IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner!!!
IMCA Stock Car never disappoints, and tonight’s heat races and features would be no different as Josh Steele #94J and Brandon Williams #67X would charge to the front running side by side. Enter our two heat race winners, Mike Nichols #63, and Matthew Lance #12X, as these two would move past and battle for the lead. Nichols would get out front but not pull away as the filed kept him within striking distance. Maybe the fastest car on track was the Nextran #21C of Chad Clancy as he came from deep in the field to chase down Nichols but run out of laps. Scott Brown #11B would be in the mix for the win the entire feature settling in for a solid third place finish. Nichols would claim the checkers for another win on the high banks with Clancy second. Fourth would belong to Steele with Lance rounding out the night’s top five.

#10X “The Flying Miller” David Miller from St Joseph, MO Sport Compact5 Feature Winner!!!
IMCA Sport Compacts continue to pick up in number and speed with a virtual, gravity defying, flying, feature winner. Heat race winner David Miller #10X, proving in a new car for another driver, would take the lead with Brad Mick right on the rear decklid from the drop of the green. “Young Sensation” Payton Teel #16T would battle the leaders as well but fade slightly as the race progressed. Miller would continue to lead with other heat race winner Devin Schmidt #33D challenging in the closing laps. As Miller, Mick, and Schmidt came to the checkers, all three would come together with Miller being launched 10 to 15 feet in the air and flipping end over end down the front straightaway. After the dust had settle and Miller came from the car uninjured, he would celebrate the win in Nextran Winners Circle. Schmidt would end the feature second with Mick #15 third. Fourth would belong to Clint Sumpter #75 with Jason Teel #7 rounding out the night’s top five.

US 36 Race Results 06/10/2022

  1. #44M PJ Conger from St Joseph, MO
  2. #15 Josh Adkins from St Joseph, MO
  3. #37 Nathan Asher from St Joseph, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  4. #22C Chance Brune from Agency, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  5. #24C Marshall Cramer from Hannibal, MO
  6. #6 Zach Boyd from Silver Lake, KS
  7. #25 Laine Grenier from Cameron, MO
  8. #08P Payton Baker from Gallatin, MO
  9. #11M Lane Matthews from Hale, MO
  10. #21K Coleman Browning from Cameron, MO
  11. #101 Ryan Royce from St Joseph, MO
  12. #4B Jarrold Burns from Parnell, MO
  13. #83 Alex Jacobs from Plattsburg, MO
  14. #21I Michael Ismael from Clarksdale, MO
  15. #9P Christian Pease from Lancaster, KS
  16. #23B George Burnett from Cameron, MO
    Pure Stock:
  17. #32R Evan Rhea from Maysville, MO
  18. #11J Jake Starmer from New Hampton, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  19. #C7 Josh Marshall from Topeka, KS
  20. #31M Trevor Hittle from King City, MO
  21. #M4 Mike Miller from King City, MO
  22. #42 Sam Florence from Lathrop, MO
  23. #26 LeeAnn Millard from Lawson, MO
  24. #03 Gabe Querry from Cameron, MO
  25. #6T6 Jimmie Workman from Lone Jack, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  26. #23E Eric Eaton from St Joseph, MO
  27. #53 Gracie Couch from Platte City, MO
  28. #13X Colton Couch from Dekalb, MO
  29. #11s Tyler Starmer from New Hampton, MO
  30. #6 John Snyder from Smithville, MO
  31. #323 Nicholas Bonnett from Trenton, MO
  32. #B4 Luke McAfee from Everest, KS
  33. #02 Chase Querry from Cameron, MO
    IMCA Northern Sport Mod:
  34. #26J Jace Whitt from Hamilton, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  35. #12X Stephen Clancy from Odessa, MO
  36. #66X Chris Wright from Chillicothe, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  37. #7V Adam Vrbka from Eagle, NE
  38. #211 Tim Eaton from St Joseph, MO
  39. #12H Drew Hilt from Blue Springs, MO
  40. #3B James Burns from Parnell, MO
  41. #23B Casey Burnett from Cameron, MO
    IMCA Stock Car:
  42. #63 Mike Nichols from Harlan, IA (Heat Race Winner)
  43. #21C Chad Clancy from Polo, MO
  44. #11B Scott Brown from Meriden, KS
  45. #94J Josh Steele from Smithville, MO
  46. #12X Matthew Lance from Savannah, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  47. #75X Randy Smith Jr from Hamilton, MO
  48. #29X Nate Barnes from Holt, MO
  49. #47X Conner Masoner from St Joseph, MO
  50. #13 Brandon Bubba Beam fr4om St Joseph, MO
  51. #71 Don Marrant from Rayville, MO
  52. #5M Madi Waterbury from Jamesport, MO
  53. #63B Clayton Brown from Mayetta, KS
  54. #34X Mich Ross from Maysville, MO
  55. #67X Brandon Williams from Platte City, MO
  56. #2X Ricky Bobby from St Joseph, MO
  57. #20X Carson Masoner from St Joseph, MO
  58. 76S Brett Shields from Mt Ayr, IA
    IMCA Sport Compact:
  59. #10X David Miller from St Joseph, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  60. #33D Devin Schmidt from Nortonville, KS (Heat Race Winner)
  61. #15 Brad Mick from Plattsburg, MO
  62. #75 Clint Sumpter from Osborn, MO
  63. #7 Jason Teel from Highland, KS
  64. #16T Payton Teel from Hiawatha, KS
  65. #43 James Barr from Trenton, MO
  66. #71 Greg Marrant from Rayville, MO
  67. #B3 George Bruning from Everest, KS
  68. #7T Toby Teel from Hiawatha, KS


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