Russell, Turner headline Alex Brown Memorial at U.S. 36

Russell, Turner headline Alex Brown Memorial at U.S. 36

We at US 36 Raceway would like to thank all drivers and fans for the great turn out as we honored Alex Brown. We would also like to congratulate Garrett Stonum and Jadyn Ramey on their engagement during Intermission, best of luck for a happy marriage!!!

After a heartfelt opening ceremonies Mod Lites would take to the track fist and see a new winner in Nextran Victory Lane. Jeff Raffurty #75 from Holt, MO would take the early lead only to see Riley Clem #9X charge by and claim the front spot. Heat Winners Dillon Raffurty #46 and Garrett Stonum #4K would be in the mix challenging Clem but the Bakersfield, CA driver would not be shaken and hold the top spot. In the closing laps Dillon Raffurty would run down the fast Clem but could not make the pass and see Clem pick up the feature win. As Clem would celebrate in Nextran Victory Lane, Dillon Raffurty would place second with Jeff Raffurty slipping to third. Stonum would place fourth with the always fast Michael Raffurty #41 rounding out the night’s top five.

Pure Stock would roar to the track next and what a show they would put on for the fans. Heat race winner Jake Starmer #11J and Tobin Bartlett #28 would battle for the lead and appear to be the cars to beat. These two would go back and forth for the lead until Jeffrey Sears #13J would make his way through the pack and challenge. Sears would wait till the closing laps to make his move on Starmer and take the top spot. Sears would make it two in a row on the high banks and appear to be set for a run at the track championship in 2023. Sears would win, Jake Starmer would place second with Tyler Starmer #11S a close third. Fourth would see Corey Myers #16 with Bartlett slipping slightly to finish fifth.

USRA B-Mods were high in number and quality as the challenged the high banks of US 36 Raceway. Heat winners Tyler Cadwallader #69er and Daniel Harris #07 would start on the front row with Cadwallader taking the early lead. Harris would challenge for the front with other heat winner Shadren Turner #56 in the hunt for the front as well. Turner would get past Harris and set his sights on Cadwallader as the laps slipped away. Cadwallader would run a near flawless feature as Turner would hound him lap after lap and try him both high and low. Turner would use both poise and patience and make his way around Cadwallader in the closing laps picking up his first win on the high banks of US 36 Raceway for Whitt racing in 2023. Turner would celebrate the win with Cadwallader second and Daniel Harris third. Eddie Ingram #54 would place a solid fourth with Henry Chambers #17 rounding out the night’s top five. Other heat race winner was Luke Nieman #181 and B-Feature winner was Kyle Henning #1.

IMCA RaceSaver Sprints would charge to the track with heat race winner J R Topper taking the front and holding off all challengers early. Jay Russell #76 would waste no time getting to the point and get past Topper #92J to take the lead. Natalie Doney #74 was the big mover of the feature as she would work her way through the pack and get pass Topper for second in the closing laps. Jacob Dye #20D and Chris Couch #36 were in the hunt as well with both cars finding speed as the race progressed. Jay Russell would claim the checkers with Doney a solid second place and Topper third. Fourth place would belong to Jacob Dye with Couch rounding out the night’s top five finishers.

Stock Cars would roll on to the fast smooth track to honor Alex Brown on this special night of racing. Tim Eaton #63 would take advantage of a heat race win and use his front row starting position to get out front early. Matthew Lance would again show speed as he would run down Eaton and challenge for the front with Conner Masoner #47X in tow. Other heat winners Randy Smith Jr #75X and Mich Ross #34X would challenge but Eaton would hold steady in the lead. Eaton would not be denied and pick up the checkers and celebrate the Alex Brown Memorial Win in Nextran Victory Lane. Lance would come home in the second position with Conner Masoner third, Smith Jr fourth and Jaylen Wettengel #91J ending the feature fifth.

Brad Mick #31 is the driver to beat in sport compact in 2023 as he would pick up both a heat race win and feature win on this night of competition. Mick would get out early as other heat race winner Keegan Russell #751 would challenge early and often. Mick would not be denied and pick up the feature win with Russell a close second and Jeremy Sims #5J third. Fourth would go to the #22V of Lucas Winder with Laura Davis #22L finishing the night fifth.

US 36 Raceway Results from the Alex Brown Memorial 05/19/2023

MCA Mod Lite:

  1. #9X Riley Clem from Bakersfield CA
  2. #46 Dillon Raffurty from Kansas City, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  3. #98 Jeff Raffurty from Holt, MO
  4. #4K Garrett Stonum from Excelsior Springs, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  5. #41 Michael Raffurty from Kansas City, MO
  6. #75 Justin Raffurty from Kearney, MO
  7. #34 Tyler Furrell from Belton, MO
  8. #3 Nathan Wolfe from Lees Summit, MO
  9. #03 James Beebe from Pleasant Hill, MO
  10. #3M Mark Downey from Lees Summit, MO
  11. #00 Jared Corn from Independence, MO
  12. #84 Joe Gunn from Belton, MOPure Stock:

Pure Stock

  1. #13J Jeffrey Sears from St Joseph, MO
  2. #11J Jake Starmer from New Hampton, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  3. #11S Tyler Starmer from New Hampton, MO
  4. #16 Corey Myers from Atchison, KS
  5. #28 Tobin Bartlett from Atchison, KS (Heat Race Winner)
  6. #48X Jim Masoner, Jr from St Joseph, MO
  7. #23I Ronnie Ishmael from Stewartsville, MO
  8. #39S James Silkwood from Chillicothe, MO
  9. #03 Gabe Querry from Cameron, MO
  10. #4B Jarrold Burns from Parnell, MO
  11. #76 Trevin Russell from Elwood, KS
  12. #17H Ryan Hinkle from Rea, MO
  13. #02 Chase Querry from Cameron, MO
  14. #23E Eric Eaton from St Joseph, MO


  1. #56 Shadren Turner from St Joseph, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  2. #69ER Tyler Cadwallader from Amazonia, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  3. #07 Daniel Harris from Excelsior Springs, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  4. #54 Eddie Ingram from Linn Valley, KS
  5. #17 Henry Chambers from Baldwin City, KS
  6. #91J Jaylen Wettengel from Topeka, KS
  7. #12C Stephen Clancy from Odessa, MO
  8. #66X Chris Wright from Chillicothe, MO
  9. #26 Jace Whitt from Hamilton, MO
  10. #1 Kyle Henning from Atchison, KS (B Feature Winner)
  11. #2 Brayden Bohn from Pleasant Hill, MO
  12. #15 Kyle Russell from Holt, MO
  13. #54Jr Eddie Ingram Jr from Linn Valley, KS
  14. #01B Brett Holman from Gower, MO
  15. #61 Sturgis Streeter from Topeka, KS
  16. #17L Chris Leathers from Excello, MO
  17. #1X Ted Copeland from Creston, IA
  18. #29 Tyler Cochran from Pleasant Hill, MO
  19. #6T Mike Taylor III from Kansas City, MO
  20. #181 Luke Nieman from Nortonville, KS

IMCA RaceSaver Wing Sprint Car:

  1. #76 Jay Russell from Elwood, KS
  2. #74 Natalie Doney from Odessa, MO
  3. #92J J R Topper from St Joseph, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  4. #20D Jacob Dye from Albany, MO
  5. #36 Chris Couch from St Joseph, MO
  6. #30 Monty Cook from Dekalb, MO
  7. #69 Mike Moore from Des Moines, IA

IMCA/USRA Stock Car:

  1. #63 Tim Eaton from St Joseph, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  2. #12X Matthew Lance from Savannah, MO
  3. #47X Conner Masoner from St Joseph, MO
  4. #75X Randy Smith Jr from Hamilton, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  5. #91J Jaylen Wettengel from Topeka, KS
  6. #34X Mich Ross from Maysville, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  7. #74 Rodney Schweizer from Kansas City, KS
  8. #11W Gerald Wahwahsuck from Atchison, KS
  9. #85 Darrin Schmidt from Winchester, KS
  10. #997 Jason Estes from Winston, MO
  11. #29X Nate Barnes from Holt, MO
  12. #2X Ricky Bobby Couch from St Joseph, MO
  13. #20X Carson Masoner from St Joseph, MO
  14. #3 Brandon Dixon from St Joseph, MO
  15. #3X Tony Manley from Osborn, MO
  16. #63B Clayton Brown from Mayetta, KS
  17. #9X Anthony Manley from Osborn, MO
  18. #X4 Chris Cline from Camden Point, MO
  19. #13D Brian Peters from Lancaster, KS

Sport Compact:

  1. #31 Brad Mick from Plattsburg, MO (Heat Race Winner)
  2. #751 Keegan Russell from Creston, IA (Heat Race Winner)
  3. #5J Jeremy Sims from Gladstone, MO
  4. #22V Lucas Winder from Maysville, MO
  5. #22L Laura Davis from Creston, IA
  6. #15 Eddy Noll from Lawson, MO
  7. #66A Landon Brown from Lancaster, KS
  8. #7 Jason Teel from Highland, KS


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